Do you ship outside the US? We ship exclusively to the 48 continguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico using FedEx. 

Can I use a PO Box address? FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes.


How do I save my work and return to it another day? Easy! Once you're done designing, click the Next button, then click the blue Save Project button. (If you're not logged in or don't have an account the system will show you what to do.) When you return, click on MY SAVED PROJECTS (next to our phone number in the upper right corner of the site or at the bottom, under Customer Service). 

How do I add a motif like a seashell or a tree?  During personalization, click the link that says "Add Design Element." Select "Add Motif." Find your motif, select the color you prefer and add it to your card. If you don't see the perfect motif, just ask us -- we can probably add it for you! 

How do I add a photo or extra text?  During personalization, click the link that says "Add Design Element." Select "Add Photo" or "Add Text." 

Can I rearrange text boxes or other parts of the design?  You can click and drag on any aspect of the design that has a dotted line around it. You can expand it by dragging on the tiny black box in the lower right corner of the dotted box.

I found the perfect invite but can you change the colors and design?  Our "Any Color" line of invites was created specifically for this purpose! You can change almost everything, for free. Most of our other designs can be customized as well. Learn more about our customization program.

Will I receive a proof? The image you see on screen when you complete the personalization process serves as your digital proof. If you would like to see your personalized design on paper before you order a larger amount, we recommend you place an order for your customized design in the minimum quantity of ten.

Will you photoshop my pictures? Given the wide range of free apps that can adjust your photos to your liking, we no longer offer this service.

How do I add a foreign language, such as Hebrew, to my invitation? Click the grey "Personalize" button on any product page. Once your design loads, click "Add Design Element." Choose "Add Text Box." Select any Hebrew font.  You can refer to any Hebrew keyboard (images found online) or use this Hebrew Key:א=t ב=c ג=d ד=s ה=v ו=u ז=z ח=j ט=y '=h כ=f ל=k מ=n נ=b ס=x ע=g פ=p  צ=m ק=e ר=r ש=a ת=, final כ=l final מ=o final נ=i final פ=; final צ=.   You can add as much Hebrew as you wish, on both the front and back of your card.   To add a Bet Hey or Bet Samech Daled to your card during personalization, click the link that says "Add Design Element." Select "Add Motif." Find and add your B'H or B'SD. You can choose any color.